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Come and join me in Greensboro on October 15th.

Spend one day with me. Make this commitment and I guarantee you will hear all that I have learned. I will share all of my secrets, ideas and help you over your blocks, fears and help you determine your destiny!

Sounds like a tall order, right?

Well let me share with you, not just my successes, but what I have learned. Let me share with you how I made a marriage, business and homeschooling children at home work for me. With these insights you can learn how to make your business work for you! In 1996 I had my eldest son, and while I was pregnant with him I launched my first business and from that company I am where I am today.

“Well, what is so special about that?”

I didn’t have to lose one dream to attain another. That is where I am today. I was able to do what was important and essential to my being and be a successful business owner and maintain a solid and loving marriage. This is often so hard to do when it is job, children/family, marriage but once you throw in homeschooling, business owner, author, creative, it can lead to the idea that something has to give.  When it gives it is most often dreams that fall first.

Get support and validation!

When you come to an event I host, I will hear you, respond to you. I am not going to shuttle myself away during breaks to maintain an allure of being “special” I am going to get down and dirty with you. We have a secret Facebook group that all attendees can join so after the event they can keep each other accountable and maintain connections they made at the event.

$100 for the day, really…. Sounds too good to be true?!?

Let me truth bomb you for a second…. it isn’t. That’s it. Why is the event priced at this level? Because most new business owners are afraid of making a big investment. They are afraid that they won’t be able to justify anything more expensive….. What I want to share is about your worth and even if you are not ready to see it, your company, ideas, etc.. I am investing in your future. See, I know what a person is capable of, I see my students blossom all the time. So this event is special, like you. If you see massive change in your business, that money goes into your families, community and local charities, sounds like the best invest I can make in fellow mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, visionaries and businesses with heart.

How do I sign up?

You click the payment button and enroll. We will send you a form to fill out and you will be on your way. Next stop Greensboro!

Your enrollment secures and guarantees your spot at the event, bonuses and Facebook group.All enrollments are final, unless we cancel the event, then all fees are refunded.

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions.

What will I learn?

Your day is going to be filled with an epic amount of actionable information and a lot of fun!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
-Who Are You? –
-Business Planning and Implementation
-What is a business plan and why do you keep
-talking about it and wanting me to make one?

Dreams and Goals
-Dreams and Goals- Your dreams and goals are important.
-Dreams and Goals –
-Limbo- Learn how to combat a state of limbo and what you can do to break free!
-Limbo- Learn how to work around limbo to take back control.

Business Plans
-How you can use a business plan and make one work for you.
-Making Ideas Happen, see what you can do to make your ideas come to life.- –
-Making Ideas Happen!- Resource
-Business Plan Template
-Walk A Mile- –
Essentials for Success
-5 Essentials for Success- –
-Five Essentials for Success- Resource
-5 Essentials for Business Worksheet

Finding Your Ideal Customer
-How to find your ideal customer- Resource
-Finding the Ideal Customer or Client-
-Ideal Customer Worksheet
-10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Hired-
What is your business name? Resource
-Learn how to choose a name that will assist you attracting customers and clients.
-Choosing a Business Name- Resource
-Choose the right business name for you- –
-What’s in a Name? –
-Naming Activity
-Tips for Picking a Name- Resource
-Picking a Name that is good for your business.
-Picking a Name- Resource
-How to pick a name worksheet. This worksheet will take you through the steps of finding the perfect name.

Client Attraction
-Client Attraction

Search Engine Optimization
-Learn how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and planning to assist you in having a website that performs.
-Search Engine Optimization- SEO
-Search Engine Optimization Learn the basics of search engine optimization and the basics of search engine protocol.
-Search Engine Optimization
-Search Engine Optimization –
-Search Engine Optimization Strategies
-Strategies for making the most of your search engine optimization.
-SEO Website Strategy
-Deliver the Content Your Customers Want

The Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP!
-Learn how to follow up.
-Make follow up matter

Choose a Logo
-Choosing a Logo- Resource
-Learn how to Choose a Logo
-Logo Tips
-Tips for making an incredible logo. Your logo is you, learn how to put the best you forward. Logos are how your community sees you.
-Logo Designers- Student Resource
-The Meaning of Colour
-Art Therapy Blog
-Your Logo Worksheet
-Logo Idea Upload

Having the Perfect Pictures for Your Brand
-Learn how to get the perfect shot for your business.
-Tips for the Perfect Headshot
-Use these tips to help you look great in your headshot. You are your brand!

MONEY! Say, What?
-Say, What? It is not fair to charge for what you do? You just want to help people?
-Money and You
-Explore money and how it fits in your life and your business.
-Money and you worksheet

Taxes- Information
-Taxes- Resource
-Taxes Checklist

Niche It!
Finding Your NICHE. Who are your customers?
-Niching Worksheet
-Micro Niche

Asking Permission?
Asking Permission and why it needs to stop now.
-Permission –
-Avoiding Common Pitfalls –
-Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Put Together a Killer Website
-Website Copy Tips
-Website Copy –
-Hiring a Website Designer?
-Tips for hiring a website designer. Doing it in house? Make sure you get it done right the first time.
-Hiring a Website Designer- Tips
Promotional Materials
-Rack Cards
-Brochures and Catalogs
-Business Cards
-Rack Cards or is it Rackcards?
-Rack Cards for Your Business
-Brochures and Catalogs
-Learn how to maximize your layout.
-Brochure and Catalog
-Brochure and Catalog — Explore your ideas
-Business Cards
-Business Cards for your business, why are they important?
-Business Cards -Design Tips

Website Resources
-The following are resources that are really helpful for putting together a website.- Resource
-Links to Website Templates
-Getting Testimonials
-Getting testimonials that work for you.

Contacting The Media
-Public Relations
-Contacting the Media and becoming a trusted source.

Social Media and Mailing Lists
-Social media is the media that is driving our times, learn how to leverage this tool for your business.
-Facebook Tips
-Facebook Tips to make your engaging and interactive.
-Facebook Recap!
-Learn how to be authentically visible on Social Media. Be Proud! Be YOU!
-Social Media Guidelines
-Social Media Release Form Example

Building Name Recognition
-Building Name Recognition. Be a resource in your community. Local connections.
-Local Connections
-Local Connections- Learn to promote local social media options for your business.

Move it! Move it!
Music and Business
-Music and Business Music and making money can go hand and hand, celebrate or get you through hard times.

Customer Interactions and Service
-How to work with a variety of customer needs. Learn about how you can serve customers and offer wonderful customer service.
-5 Types of Customers
-Good Customer Service
-Customer/ Client Conflict
-Customer and client conflict, what you can do to lessen it and resolve it.

Working Through Fear
-Fear Worksheet
-Fear of Success
-Conquering your fears
-Working through blocks

How to Become a Trusted Advisor
-Trusted Advisor- Learn how to become a trusted advisor and support the needs of your clients.
-How to be a Trusted Advisor
-How a Trusted Advisor Listens?
-Trusted Advisor –

Can I bring an infant or nursling?

Yes you can. All that we ask is that if the baby is just not having a good time you leave the room for a bit until the baby settles. I have been told babies love my voice, and it puts them to sleep. Please bring a little blanket so the baby can move around on the floor, we should have some room in the back so you can spread out a little.

Can I get a discounted hotel room?

Yes, this event is being held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Greensboro, NC.

Address: 3030 W Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27403
Phone: 336-292-4004
The room rate is $119. for the night.

What do I need to bring?

1. Open mind, and a willingness to learn and share.

2. Note taking items. Use what you like to take notes, everyone is different. Our room will be classroom style set up.

3. Bring your phones, but I want them on vibrate. I know many of you need to be in contact with family in case of an emergency.

4. Comfortable clothes. Be comfortable. Bring/wear layers. Room temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, and a cooler room is more conducive to learning than a warm stuffy one.

5. Water. Stay hydrated. If you are a snacker, please bring a nibble, but please do not eat a full on meal while we are working. We will have meal breaks, and the hotel frowns on this.

6. No pets. Only service animals.

7. Children who are mobile need to be under someone else’s care. Please do not bring children that need supervision, unless it is a baby.

8. Bring your partner, if you want them to understand the importance and viability of your company. My husband who rarely attends events is always “grilled” by partners and family members because this is a new family dynamic and they want the partner’s perspective. When you make a day of it and bring your partner they get to see how important this work all is.

9. A smile!

10. Bring confidence and be ready to kick ass!

Any upsale?


No, I am not going to spend a good portion of my time upselling you during the event. You are coming to learn and get all you need from this day.

What won't I learn?

You are not going to learn any of the following.

1. Get rich quick schemes- I will share lasting techniques that will allow you to work on having a viable future.

2. Not MLM stuff. You don’t need to sign anyone up, etc..

3. You will learn how to be a compassionate business. How to navigate a sea of sharks with dignity and integrity.

4. You will learn how to be your authentic business self.

Sounds like a lifetime plan of action to me.